Hello world!

I’m not going to tell you my name (you can guess if you want!), but I will say that I’m a sixteen year old girl who has a passion for baking and writing about food (journalism is bae!). The first thing you will notice about my blog is the name. More Than a Bowl of Cereal? What??? (That’s what you’re thinking, right?) Let me clarify. My blog is named More Than a Bowl of Cereal because most of us can probably agree that the first thing we learn how to make is a bowl of cereal. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE cereal, but in my blog, I’ll be showing you more than just a plain ol’ bowl of cereal.

I started getting into baking mainly because my mom sucks at it (love you, Mom!) and because my brother had severe allergies to basically everything, including nuts, gluten, dairy, soy, legumes. So you can see the problem immediately. But if you can’t, let me elaborate on the subject. Having allergies to so many foods, my brother wasn’t ever able to eat any baked goods. This, of course, made me sad because baked goods = life and no baked goods = no life. So usually this is where the mother comes up with solutions, but unfortunately my mother doesn’t like being in the kitchen (but strangely she does love online cooking games…), so I had to step in. Coming up with recipes that were gluten free and dairy free but tasted exactly like the originals made me realize I really like baking, so I started baking more and more, and here I am! Side note: my brother is only allergic to nuts and legumes now. 🙂

So why make a blog out of it? Good question. I guess I just wanted something to do that would combine my two favorite things: baked goods and writing. I love journalism (I write for my school’s newspaper), but because the rules are strict, I really need another outlet for writing. Thus, I figured having a blog would be a good way to continue writing creatively.

So yeah. Explore my blog, try out my recipes, and enjoy life!


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